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This is the official site of project Improvement of Product Development Studies in Serbia And Bosnia and Herzegovina, No 530577-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-RS-TEMPUS-JPCR. This project has been funded with support from European Commission, within TEMPUS IV programme.

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Training in Sofia

Thursday, 11. June 2015. 20:09

Training in Sofia

In the period from 20.4.2015 to 11.5.2015, training in the field of product development was held at Faculty of German Engineering Education and Industrial Management (FDIBA). Courses which are related to subject area „Product development“ was organized at FDIBA and Technical University of Sofia. In the Laboratories for Rapid Prototyping, Virtual Engineering, Mechatronics and other, participants was able to expiriance closely the latest technologies for product development. In discussions with specialists in the field of product development, mechanical constructions and design, participants have got a deep insight into modern product development and have introduced in new methods of mechanical design. Gallery can be found here.