Welcome to IPROD

This is the official site of project Improvement of Product Development Studies in Serbia And Bosnia and Herzegovina, No 530577-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-RS-TEMPUS-JPCR. This project has been funded with support from European Commission, within TEMPUS IV programme.

Schedules Events:

WP (DEV) 3.2

       BU - Basics of product development and relevant technical legislative

       BU - Project management of product development using the software package MS Project

       BU - Protection of intellectual property – patents and patent documentation

       SVEMO - Basics of rapid prototyping technology

       UNI - Innovation management

       UNI - Structural analysis

       UNIKG - Basics of 3D modeling of parts in CAD software

       UNIKG - Calculation of machine element using modern software

       UNS - Design for Manufacturing

       UNS - Design for Assembly

       UNS - Design for Environment

       UNS - Design for X

       UNS - PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

       UES - CAM – NC manufacturing (CAD module)